Landlord-Tenant Law/Rent Collection – Eviction – Property Damage Attorneys

Landlord-Tenant Law/Rent Collection – Eviction – Property Damage Attorneys in Richmond, Virginia

At Gilliam Law Group we assist clients with issues arising from residential and commercial leases leading to rental collections. Whether it is the collection of delinquent rent, the eviction of a non-paying tenant, or damage caused to your property, our attorneys are ready and willing to fight for your rights as the property owner.

The attorneys at Gilliam Law Group are experienced with the applicable statutes and laws which impact your rights.  Whether it involves The Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act, unlawful detainers, required notices or issues related to mold, or property damages, we are prepared to navigate the complexities of the Landlord-Tenant relationship on your behalf.

Rental Units – Apartment Complexes, Commercial Properties

If you own residential or commercial real estate we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to explain the services we provide.  Whether you own a single rental property or an entire complex, Gilliam Law Group offers experience, and proven results for the property owner.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys, Kent Gilliam or Matthew Mikula, call us at 804.743.0900 or contact us online today.