Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An experienced collection law firm like the Gilliam Law Group has many more tools available to collect your delinquent accounts. Using civil court process significantly improves your chances of collecting a bad debt. Collection agencies can only ask for payment. The Gilliam Law Group can demand it through the courts.
No. We are licensed to practice in all state courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and regularly practice in jurisdictions outside the Richmond area.
Generally, no. Most collection accounts are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means if we don’t collect, you pay no legal fees to us. If legal action is required, and a judgment is entered in your favor, the debtor is required to pay all of your filing fees. With guidance from us, you can set up your client contracts so they reimburse you for attorney fees as well.
Our firm will give the personal attention that our clients deserve. While the bigger personal injury firms deal in volume, we deal in quality work. Your case will be handled by an experienced attorney, not an investigator or a paralegal or someone without significant courtroom experience.

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